Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playing for Former President George W. Bush

Last Month The String Group had the unique opportunity to play for a private luncheon with former President George W. Bush, hosted by Ambassador John Rood. This event was held downtown at The Carling, formally known as The Roosevelt Hotel. Today, The Carling has been renovated into premier upscale apartments and has many great amenities that make it a wonderful location for weddings, receptions and special events. The Carling has been beautifully restored by the Vestcor Company, keeping the building's original 1920's architecture and splendor while bringing many of today's most sought after luxuries to the location.

Our string trio played at the top of a grand marble staircase that led to an open meeting area where the former president and his guests would spend their time together. Our sound was carried throughout the building and filled the downstairs lobby. Once President Bush made his way up the stairs, Ambassador Rood took the time to introduce the president to us. We happily stopped playing and greeted our former president. President Bush was very pleasant,we never imagined how calming and cordial he would be.

The String Group appreciates all the hard work Ambassador Rood and Holly from The Vestcor Company put into organizing this event. We enjoyed being a part of this day and know that President Bush was warmed by the fellowship with friends!

Trio: Ashlee, Jody and Lauren
Photographer: Dan Van Slyke

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